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  • Croatia Apartments With Pool | Apartments Pag Croatia

    Willa Kajgo-Wyspa Pag Ante Starcevica 14, 23250 Pag Villa Kajgo położona jest w najpiękniejszej części miasta Pag 1 rzędem do morza, 18 metrów od plaży i 400 m od centrum miasta Pag - nadmorski spacer. Dysponujemy 6 apartamentami o różnej wielkości i wnętrzami, które spełnią wszystkie wymagania naszych gości. Również nasz gość może odpocząć przy podgrzewanym basenie ze wspaniałym widokiem na zatokę Pag. DJI_0969 IMG_8149 20200815_202343 DJI_0969 1/21 Accommodation Best Apartments in Pag Croatia It is possible to visit this charming and tranquil town to spend your vacations in an extraordinary atmosphere in a setting that is surrounded by stunning views, warm waters, and southern cultural heritage. The island is awe-inspiring with its natural beauty, reminiscent of a full moon. However, it is surrounded by vast grassy fields and dotted with aromatic herbs like Thyme, Fennel, or even ethereal salvia. This region is known for its fig and olive trees, sheep pastures, and stunning sunsets. We'd love to share this little piece of heaven to you. During the peak tourist season, we're in Pag and offer our guests the best Apartments With Pool as well in Croatia as care and support. We speak Croatian and English. ​ The Grounds Uniquely designed and reminiscent of a luxury resort, The estate consists of the main residence with heated pool, barbecue and private parking. ​ A waterfall-like garden flows past sun terraces, and hidden seating areas, leading to a unique constructed pool with views of the bay. In 3 minutes walking distances is the half-kilometer coastline surrounded by hotels and restaurants.. A brief walk from here will take you to a perfect gravel beach for children. The main residence is accessible via a warm stone terrace with an outdoor dining table and a vast lounge/dining room. ​ Why Choose Us? ​ The island has various leisure options such as windsurfing and diving. Contact us if you want to check in before the scheduled date or extend your stay. If you are able, we'll be delighted to fulfill your request. We are always open to suggestions. We will provide you with excellent holidays, stunning conditions, clean beaches, peaceful sea, peace, and tranquilty. Zakwaterowanie 6 apartamentów Maks. 28 osób Pierwszy rząd do morza Zewnętrzny podgrzewany basen? Darmowy parking A1 - Styl industrialny Ten dwupoziomowy apartament jest urządzony w stylu industrialnym i może pomieścić 7 osób z 2 oddzielnymi sypialniami, 2 łazienkami i salonem z widokiem na basen. 1/3 A2 - styl skandynawski Apartament A2 jest urządzony w skandynawskim stylu z dużym tarasem i niesamowitym widokiem na morze. Mieszkanie jest odpowiednie dla rodziny z 2 dzieci z 1 sypialnią i rozkładaną kanapą w salonie. Istnieje również w pełni wyposażona kuchnia i łazienka. Wszystkie jednostki są klimatyzowane. 1/2 A3 - Styl klasyczny Wspaniały apartament z jedną sypialnią, odnowiony w wysokim standardzie komfortu i funkcjonalności, z dużym tarasem i wspaniałym widokiem na zatokę Pag. Może pomieścić do 4 osób. 1/2 A4 - Styl nowoczesny Przestronny apartament z jedną sypialnią znajduje się na parterze domu. Z dużym tarasem i widokiem na morze, jest najbliżej plaży. 1/4 A5 - styl Shabby Chic Apartament A5 urządzony jest w stylu Shabby chic. Składa się z dużej sypialni z podwójnym łóżkiem i widokiem na morze, salonu zw pełni wyposażoną kuchnią oraz dużego tarasu z pięknym widokiem na zatokę Pag. 1/2 A6 - Styl śródziemnomorski Apartament Delux, który może bardzo wygodnie pomieścić do 6 osób w dwóch sypialniach, dwóch łazienkach, dużym salonie, ogromnym tarasie i widokiem na morze dookoła. 1/4 Video Tour All Videos Odtwórz Wideo Wszystkie Filmy Location Contact

  • Home Information and Amenities | Kajgo

    Strona główna Informacje i udogodnienia 1 pokój dzienny 2 sypialnie 2 łazienki 1 garaż Jestem paragrafem. Kliknij tutaj, aby dodać własny tekst i edytować mnie. To jest łatwe. Wystarczy kliknąć „Edytuj tekst” lub dwukrotnie kliknąć mnie, aby dodać własną treść i wprowadzić zmiany w czcionce. Jestem świetnym miejscem, w którym możesz opowiedzieć historię i przekazać użytkownikom trochę więcej informacji o Tobie. 1810 stóp kwadratowych Całkowicie przebudowany od góry do dołu w 2017 r. Zagospodarowany ogród przydomowy 1-samochodowy parking w garażu plus schowek Pralnia System bezpieczeństwa AlwaysSafe Sąsiedztwo Jestem paragrafem. Kliknij tutaj, aby dodać własny tekst i edytować mnie. To jest łatwe. Wystarczy kliknąć „Edytuj tekst” lub dwukrotnie kliknąć mnie, aby dodać własną treść i wprowadzić zmiany w czcionce. Jestem świetnym miejscem, w którym możesz opowiedzieć historię i przekazać użytkownikom trochę więcej informacji o Tobie.​

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  • Large Villas To Rent Croatia Islands | Villas Pag Croatia

    Luxury Villas For Rent Croatia Mesmerize yourself in the serene atmosphere of Pag Bay, a beautiful combination of blue sky, lunar landscape, and white stone. The magnificent Pag Croatia Villas is waiting for you to have a memorable holiday. Villa Kajgo in the first row of the magical sea beach is one of the most picturesque Pag Croatia Villas to enjoy a luxurious break amid the scenic nature. Reach this cozy tourist spot by a pleasant seaside walk, just 18 meters away from the beach and 400 m from the center of Pag city. We understand our guests very well and the 6 different-sized apartments with their interiors are fully equipped with amenities to fulfill the demand of your dream vacation. Be ready to be our guest and enjoy the wonderful Pag Bay while relaxing by the heated pool, a few meters away. ​ Luxurious Apartments by Adriatic Sea Coast ​ The breathtaking Adriatic Sea Coast has the serenity to have a break from the hectic city life. The charming nature with tranquil surroundings can be more enjoyable if you choose Adriatic Sea Villa for Rent. The setting surrounding the luxurious apartments provokes you to enthrall by the awe-inspiring views, warm waters, and southern cultural heritage. The extraordinary atmosphere is renowned for fig and olive trees as well as vast grassy fields dotted with aromatic herbs like Thyme, Fennel, or even ethereal salvia. Living in Adriatic Sea Villa for Rent will be your best holiday memory, and keep you remembering the stunning sunset and surreal full moon night forever. Pag Croatia Villas during the peak season offer the best apartments with a heated pool facility, including warm Croatian care and support. During the off-season don’t hesitate to come to Croatia as Split with its Mediterranean climate can be a rare winter experience for you in the Luxury Villas Croatia Islands. ​ Beautiful Croatian Apartments ​ The Luxury Villas Croatia Islands have warm stone structures with matching landscapes. Spending a few days in these luxury resorts will be a golden memory forever for its unique design in the middle of scenic Mediterranean beauty. The Luxury Villas Croatia Islands with private grounds, a waterfall-like garden flowing past sun terraces, and hidden sitting areas leading to a unique constructed saltwater pool give you an awe-inspiring moment to your holiday break. Sitting on the private grounds of more than 4000m2, scented by rosemary, lavender, mimosa, sage, and magnolia, and having deep breaths will refresh your body and mind. In the middle of the garden in the Luxury Villas Croatia Islands has a large stone pontoon, surrounding the half-kilometer coastline. Relaxing in the magnificent swimming pool leading you to the stunning turquoise waters right from the gate will surely stimulate your mind, loaded with tiredness. A brief walk on the scenic sandy beach or outdoor dining in the vast lounge/dining room with your close ones will be an inciting factor for you to come again and enjoy the Mediterranean beauty. ​ Most Memorable Holiday Home ​ Pag Croatia Villas have beautifully restored the stone annex, just a few feet away, and the expansive lounge area with a single bed, bathroom, and doors leading to the seafront terrace. The magnificent lounge is connected to a primary suite with a bathroom with a shower. Pag Croatia Villas have single rooms, which can be used as double rooms with doors leading to a common terrace. Separate toilet provision in the bathroom, shaded summer kitchen, utility room, and access to terraces with breathtaking views of the ocean will always remain a part of your memorable reminiscence. Additional Information ​ If you plan for Large Villas to Rent in Croatia, then it is nothing but to think only about Pag Croatia Villas as the house itself and the annex can sleep up to 8 adults and two children under 12 years old on two additional fold-out single beds. On request, we can arrange a separate apartment for up to four additional guests with an additional charge. You can enjoy an excellent holiday in the middle of a picturesque beach with soothing air and tranquil sea. We can provide you with A1- Industrial style, A2 - Scandinavian style, A3- Classic style, A4- Modern style, A5- Shabby Chic style, and A6- Mediterranean style accommodations to enjoy your holiday in style in the Luxury Villas Croatia Islands. Try to think out of the box to plan for Large Villas to Rent in Croatia and enjoy a superb holiday in Pag Croatia Villas. ​ For booking a holiday rentals & luxury villas in Croatia Islands then you must not miss our Villa-kajgo.

  • Villa Holidays & Holiday Rentals Croatia | Villa Kajgo

    Holiday Rentals in Croatia Villa holidays in Croatia are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. This beautiful country has so much to offer, from stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters to historic towns and villages. And, of course, there are the villas. Croatia’s villas come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your holiday. Whether you’re looking for a traditional stone villa with a pool or a modern apartment with sea views, you’ll find it here. One of the best things about villa holidays is that you can enjoy all the comforts of home, without the hassle of packing and unpacking every day. And, of course, you can come and go as you please – no more early morning starts or rushing back to the hotel for dinner! ​ If you're looking for a peaceful beach vacation or Holiday rentals in Croatia then don't look further than our private villa on the island of Pag, Croatia. ​ Our villa-kajgo is located on a secluded beach where you can relax and enjoy the stunning natural surroundings. The gentle waves and sandy beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and simply taking in the incredible views. If you're feeling adventurous, there are plenty of activities nearby, including boating, surfing, shipping and much more. And at the end of the day, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing drink while watching the sun set over the ocean. It's the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature in pag. Our villa offer travelers a chance to experience the country's stunning natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure, there's something for everyone in Croatia. This is the one of the best and beautiful villa to choose from if you're looking for holiday rentals in Croatia. So you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs as we have total 6 different and unique designed villa's for different people's. Whether you want a secluded hideaway or a villa with all the amenities, you'll find it here. If you're looking for a beach vacation, Croatia's Adriatic coast offers over 1,000 miles of coastline to explore. With crystal-clear water and plenty of beach activities to keep you busy, you'll never get bored here. If you're looking for something a little more active, Croatia's many nearby national parks offer hiking, biking, and even climbing. Or, you can explore one of the many medieval towns and cities. One of the best ways to experience all that Croatia has to offer is by renting a holiday home. Holiday rentals in Croatia are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a more authentic, intimate and romantic experience than staying in a hotel. There are a wide variety of holiday rentals available in Croatia, from apartments and villas to farmhouses and even castles. No matter what your budget or preferences are, you’re sure to find the perfect rental for your holiday in Croatia. One of the great things about holiday rentals is that they often come with all the amenities you need, including a kitchen, so you can save money by cooking your own meals. Holiday rentals are also a great option if you’re travelling with a group of friends or family, as you can all stay together in one place. If you want to spend some quality time with your family members and loved ones than villa-kajgo is the best option for you. ​ For booking a holiday rentals & luxury villas in Croatia Islands then you must not miss our Villa-kajgo.

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